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From uninspired to aligned, I empower leaders to become a catalyst for change through services created to embrace your authenticity and unlock your true potential. 

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I help create healthier workplace habits and help teams that are…

Feeling disengaged and unmotivated?

Let's reignite your passion and drive to thrive in both your personal and professional life through integrative approaches to leadership strengthening.

Struggling with a lack of purpose and fulfillment?

Together, we'll uncover your true passions through reflective practices and align your goals with a strategy-backed plan. 

Experiencing burnout, stress, and overwhelm?

It's time to prioritize your well-being by investing into your holistic development and regain control of your life with fundamental strategies tailored to restore balance and peace.

Feeling lost and lacking clarity in direction? 

Let's navigate through uncertainty through team collaboration and chart a course towards a future filled with purpose and meaning.

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My Method

My guidance extends beyond conventional education, drawing from a varied range of personal experiences that offer unique perspectives and insights.

I am committed to lifelong learning, constantly refining my methods and approaches to adapt to evolving landscapes and markets.

With a blend of diverse trainings and education, I adopt a human-centered approach to strategy and business, fostering empathetic leadership development.

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01. Workshop

Mindfulness Meditation and Attention Training

Catalyst by Kaylin’s Mindfulness Meditation and Attention Training combines theory and practice to enable you to make effective decisions and observe situations clearly and objectively. You will learn the origins of mindfulness and meditation and how these practices can be applied to your daily life and work. We will also engage in a practice session to understand how to facilitate a meditation practice and the benefits it yields. A commitment to daily meditation practice is encouraged. 

Key Takeaways

  • Reduce anxiety, stress and tension while increasing overall wellbeing 
  • Adapt easily to changing demands and develop resilience in facing adversity or conflict
  • Improve efficiency and productivity in accomplishing goals 
  • Increase creativity and innovation 
  • Enhance interpersonal skills such as mindful communication, active listening, and confident collaboration

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02. Workshop

From Stress to Success: Techniques to Navigate Stress and Burnout

From Stress to Success: Techniques to Navigate Stress and Burnout highlights the telltale signs of burnout and its impact on employees and overall performance. In this interactive workshop, we identify common experiences, causes, and challenges of stress and burnout, and explore strategy-backed ways to overcome these encounters. 

Catalyst by Kaylin delivery combines theory, interaction, and practice to provide a comprehensive approach and understanding of these common causes of employee disengagement. 

You will learn to

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of stress and burnout
  • Implement effective stress management techniques
  • Build resilience to cope with workplace challenges
  • Establish boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Cultivate mindfulness practices to reduce stress and enhance well-being

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03. Workshop

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Quieting the Inner Critic

In this transformative workshop, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Quieting the Inner Critic, you will uncover the profound influence of your beliefs on your lives and learn how to dismantle those that hinder our progress. Through a blend of theory and practical exercises, you will: 

Key Takeaways

  • Identify and challenge limiting beliefs and gain insights into their impact on actions and decisions
  • Visualize yourself overcoming limiting beliefs 
  • Create personalized strategies for success to pursue aspirations with clarity and determination
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your own limiting beliefs and how these beliefs impact your thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Develop greater self-confidence and belief in your ability to achieve your goals

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04. Workshop

Visioning and Goal Setting for Leaders

Visioning and Goal Setting for Leaders is where meditation meets strategy to further leadership journey forward. This transformative session blends the introspective power of meditation with practical goal-setting techniques to help you envision and embody your leadership aspirations.

Through guided meditation and visualization exercises, you will paint a clear picture of your vision, allowing you to energetically embody your goals. From there, we'll translate your visions into actionable plans, combining strategic thinking with intentional action steps.

This workshop can be tailored to established and aspiring leaders, equipping all with the tools to set clear, inspiring goals and chart a course toward realization.

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05. Speaking

Keynotes & Public Speaking Engagements

With every Keynote and Public Speaking Engagement, I bring inspiration, upliftment, and actionable insights to audiences of teams, companies, and individuals alike. Renowned for my ability to empower, encourage, and relate to audiences from all walks of life, I offer talks that resonate deeply and provide practical steps for personal and professional growth.

Speaking Topics

  • Becoming the Catalyst of Your Own Life 
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for Women 
  • Pursuing Post-Graduate Studies 

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06. Mentorship

Holistic Mentorship

In my holistic mentorship sessions, I blend strategic business insights with mindfulness and energy training. As a yoga teacher, Reiki master, and business professional, I offer a unique approach focused on your individual strengths and aspirations. Together, we'll craft personalized action plans to achieve all-round success in both your personal and professional life. Whether you're a manager, entrepreneur, or leader, our sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges. 

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I Work With

Aspiring Leaders and Students

Individuals eager to kickstart or progress their careers through personal and professional development.

Working Professionals

Established career individuals seeking growth opportunities or considering career transitions.

Managers, Entrepreneurs, Leaders

Visionaries responsible for teams, departments, or ventures, driven by a desire to lead effectively and make a positive impact.

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Watch Past Sessions

Executive Officer Retreat: Team Reflections

Executive Officer Retreat: Team Reflections

Executive Officer Retreat: Yoga

Division Leaders Retreat: Meditation

Vision Board Event: Journaling

Vision Board Event: Meditation

Vision Board Event: Yoga

Self-Love Event: Speaking

Self-Love Event: Yoga

Podcast: Solo

Podcast: Mini-Chat

Speaking: Panel


Namaste, I’m Kaylin Dyal

I've been there...faced with an array of options, uncertain of the right path, and quietly yearning for something more than what those around me were pursuing.

Carving a path toward influential leadership or choosing to lead your team differently demands courage and can feel like a lonely journey. Drawing from my own experiences of forging a unique career path and blending different educational backgrounds and life experiences, I've learned firsthand the challenges and rewards of becoming the catalyst of my own life.

But you don't have to navigate this journey alone. Once you embrace the desire for change, pure potentiality unfolds before you. I'm here to empower you as you chart a path that aligns with your unique aspirations and supports the growth of your team.

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Dive into relatable storytelling, journal prompts, guided meditations, and healing sound baths by LUCIANA. Perfect for brain breaks, morning rituals, or bedtime wind-downs. Grab your headphones and tune in for your moments of mindfulness, today. 

I enjoy your vulnerability in your mindful messages. The way you share your personal experience in such a meaningful way is inspiring. Your ability to articulate and regulate your voice is a gift. 

"Your voice is very soothing yet powerful, I always feel relaxed and even go into a deep sleep/meditation when listening to your podcast."

"The sound bath adds a healing vibe to your meditation which I really enjoy listening to. Keep sharing your voice, energy, and positivity."

"Great, great inner expressions through spoken words. Deep and highly spiritual blending reality with philosophy. Kudos to you young lady for these lessons!"

"From the first bell ringing to the final word spoken, Kaylin has a way with words. Her calm voice brings you on a short journey, really resonated with this episode! Excited to see more."

"I have only listened to few episodes so far but I am really and truly enjoying this podcast! It’s helping to relax my mind. Especially at night, cause that when my mind like to wonder. I will continue to listen to this podcast and I am excited for more episodes to come."

"Your podcast always has something I need to hear at that exact moment."

"Your voice is so calming and your messages relate to everyday living and are not difficult to follow."

"Thank you for always inspiring me to dig deeper within myself and my own spiritual journey."

"I love your podcast! Your voice is perfect for meditation."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can your workshops benefit me as an aspiring leader or student?

My workshops offer tailored guidance and practical skills, drawing from my experience navigating corporate industries, pursuing post-grad studies, and making two major career pivots including entrepreneurship, to empower aspiring leaders and students to kickstart their careers and achieve personal and professional growth with clarity and purpose.

How do your mentorship sessions cater to the needs of managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders?

My mentorship programs provide personalized guidance, support, and accountability tailored to the unique needs of managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders, offering a safe space to reflect and receive valuable insights, actionable strategies, and ongoing support to achieve your goals and make a positive impact.

Are your workshops and keynotes customizable to address specific challenges or goals?

Yes, workshops and keynotes can be customized to address specific challenges, industries, team dynamics, team and/or corporation goals, and audience preferences.

Can you provide examples of the outcomes achieved by participants who have engaged in your mentorship session?

Participants in my mentorship program have achieved a range of outcomes, including career advancement, improved leadership and interpersonal skills, newfound connection to Self, enhanced decision-making abilities, and increased confidence. Testimonials from past participants highlight the transformative impact of my mentorship on their personal and professional lives.

How do you facilitate sessions/ where are you based?  

Due to the nature of my work, my delivery options are flexible! I am available to facilitate sessions virtually as well as in-person within the Greater Toronto Area, or further, at additional costs. 

“It’s been amazing having you as a guide through my journey. It’s so helpful when these difficult realizations come up to know that I can bring them to you and you will help me work through it. You’ve been so kind and awesome and I am really grateful for your guidance.”

- Physiotherapist

"I think more people should come out to these sessions. I feel a lot more calm. My days are usually spent putting out fires, however I felt a lot more optimistic, calm, and inspired and during and after the meditation."

– Academic Leader

"I really enjoyed the reflection exercise. It helped put my experiences into perspective and showed me how I can better support my team."

– Academic Leader

"Your meditation allowed me to connect with a part of myself that I had forgotten about. I am excited and inspired to craft and execute my vision now."

– Academic Leader

"I had a lot of fun and I would 100% come back. Mixing in activities of meditation and getting to know everyone made the event much more fun! I had such a great experience. Will look forward to more."

– Leader

"Attained deep calm in 20 min. Appreciated during this very busy time. Thank you."

 – Academic Leader

"Not only do you have a youthful energy, but you have great pace and clarity as a speaker… it is certainly easy to listen to you!"

– Author and Public Speaker

"Kaylin made everyone feel so connected with each other, even though a lot of us didn't know each other."

- leader

"I feel so peaceful and clear. The anxious thoughts I had an overthinking I was doing today is completely gone. Thank you so much!"

– Healthcare Professional

"I feel amazing! Energetic, not overthinking, dancing, and moving my body more. Sleeping well and really listening to my body. Thank you!"

– Author and Entrepreneur

"Post-session I’ve felt much more relaxed and have been able to be more “present.”"

– Student Services Rep

"I want to include more of the breathing exercises [into all of our workshops]. Great start to our day!"

- Executive Director

Ready to lead authentically and unlock your potential? I’m here to empower your journey. 

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